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Pundulums There are many things in life that fascinate me – one of them being that which interacts with natural forces and energies which are present all around us, things which interface the solid material world and the esoteric world.

I am sure everyone has heard about the myth that humans utilize only 10% of the brain power? There are studies that suggest that 90% of our brain function is controlled by our subconscious mind. There are energies we are not aware of that we are interacting with all the time – consciously and subconsciously. The interaction produces messages and information that is filtered through our respective auras. In the psychic sense it could be said that the pendulum is a platform or a tool that allows these messages, which we have received to pass from our subconscious to our conscious.

Pendulum dowsing for me defies all logical reason and knowledge of the physical space around me, something as basic as a metal nail hanging on a thread can produce a behaviour that to me is fascinating; and really the more basic to the more elaborate it really does not matter. You do not have to be psychic to use a pendulum. It is moved either by your thoughts or your spirit guide. Pendulums are very simple to use and is also a simple way to communicate with the other side. I myself have the ability to tell the pendulum to stop in full swing it will draw to a halt and lie motionless.

The sceptic in this field may say that any question asked of a pendulum is onethatcan be influenced by your own answer, calling it the idio motive effect.

The Power of the Pendulum. Pendulum dowsing is awesome – can be used for a number of things, reading locations’ by a process called remote dowsing – finding spots on a map (this is fun), sex of an unborn child, job decisions, relationship decisions and questions, feng sui questions and directions or something as simple as ‘where’s my keys”? I would like to spend a moment or two or remote dowsing. For instance if you have lost your pet, then quickly sketch out a map of the area, hold your pendulum over the area and where it vibrates could be point where you would find your target. Retrieving it then would be relatively simple by the utilization of your dowsing rods.


Dowsing rods, have had a few different usages throughout history. The most common use for them is to locate underground sources of water, such as wells or water lines. There are even Dowsers who work for the local water authorities who can locate water sources for their cities using dowsing rods.

Originally, dowsers used Y-shaped sticks as dowsing rods. They would hold on to each branch of the Y, holding the long end of the stick outward. Holding it out from the body, the dowsing rod will pull the person (sort of a magnetic pull) toward the source of water and possibly shake when finding the source. Dowsing rods can also be made out of a light metal, such as copper. These should be an L-shape and should be held lightly in each hand with the long ends facing out from the body.

Modern day dowsing rods are usually made from wire that can freely rotate within a metal sleeve; I personally do not subscribe to the theory that rods have to be made from copper. We do sell Dowsing rods on our online shop.

I like to use dowsing rods to locate energy lines that criss-cross the earth’s surface and can be positive or negative or neutral. The function is designed to designate areas that you live in as clean and safe from a negative flow of energy, for instance you would not want a negative line running across your bed or a favourite place where you like to sit. I often provide a service that will map out a room or house or garden, using dowsing rods. The rods used for this purpose are often the L-shaped metal rods. One rod is held lightly in each hand, sort of like you are holding candlesticks.

Another use for dowsing rods, used in much the same way, is for those who believe in spirits and are interested in paranormal activity. So as mentioned above, when holding the rod and walking, seeking the presence of some paranormal activity, you will find that the rods will pull in one direction or the other. Follow this pull and the rods will lead you and cross in the presence of the paranormal activity or a source of water. psychic ability. When you develop your psychic abilities you become sharply sensitive and perceptible to this psychic ability phenomena.


Pendulums can be used as a healing tool, firstly because the element that the pendulum is made out of may have sympathetic qualities that are useful so a sick person or someone having certain symptoms.For example, Amber is well known to ease depression. A pendulum can be used to dowse Chakra and divination can be used to help diagnose illness of course supervised by a doctor.

I myself prefer a polished stone of a crystal but I have seen great results from a wooden thread bobbin hanging on cotton thread and really to get started you just need anything that has a natural balance and hang that suspended by a cord or chain or thread with as least rotational friction as possible. The pendulum itself should weigh less than half an ounce. the shape should be pointed or a part of it come to a point. And it can be suspended from a cord or a chain. Pendulums are also available in our online shop.


Most people feel comfortable with a length of about six to nine inches, but this is not set in stone. You should see the chain or cord of the pendulum to be an extension of your arm and you make the adjustment for the cord or chain to be shorter or longer. it basically amounts to what makes you comfortable. For outdoor dowsing the usual length most people work with is fifteen inches.


There are two items very basic to pendulum dowsing. One is how to hold it and the second is how to read it.

You should hold the chain or cord between your thumb and forefinger, and for order sake, any extra chain or cord should be wrapped around your other fingers to keep the extra cord or chain out of the way. I hold the pendulum in my right hand. That is the hand I write with and generally, that is what is the norm, but there is a school of belief which supports using the opposite hand to the hand that you write with. The bottom line is that there is nothing set in stone. Just use the hand you are comfortable with.

Pendulums are unpredictable. They move in different ways. Sometimes they move swing back and forth or side to side in a straight line. Sometimes circular, sometimes elliptical and then sometimes they bob up and down with strong energy, which means usually a positive/affirmative answer.


Now comes the part where you should get comfortable with reading your pendulum. Whilst the pendulum lies motionless you need to ask the pendulum a set of control questions, so say out loud TELL ME YES! You should start by gently setting your pendulum in motion. Since you are looking for a positive answer generally the positive response should be with a clockwise circular motion or an elliptical clockwise motion. Empty your mind of all thoughts if possible and visualize only pleasant thoughts. At the same time you should be reading your pendulum and noting how it reacts when you are evoking a positive response.

Using the same set of control questions, inthe same loud voice TELL ME NO!Since you are looking for a negative answer generally the negative response should be with an anti- clockwise circular motion or an elliptical anti-clockwise motion. Empty your mind of all thoughts if possible and visualize only thoughts that are not pleasant to you and thoughts that made you sad. At the same time you should be reading your pendulum and noting how it reacts when you are evoking a positive response.

Here is the important part – you need to record the differences no matter how subtle.

I find it better to note down your question. In this way you are sure you can refer to what was the actual question asked. Very important – As a particular question ONCE only. Do not repeat the same question over and over.

Clear your mind of any thoughts you might have – try and visualize the vast ocean in very late twilight and an early moonlight casting just a little bit of light on the surface of the ocean.

Hold the pendulum still and relax. very shortly, you will see the pendulum moving and just so that you know the wider the circles, the stronger the speed and the swing of the pendulum the more emphatic and definite is the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response.


After you have received your yes or no response then transfer your pendulum into the other hand and with your writing hand put down whatever comes into your mind. You could ask other questions after this and continue writing until the subject is exhausted. This is called psychographic writing or automatic writing which very simply means that the person writing it is producing it from a subconscious or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content. You can see what messages subconscious mind and your spiritual connections are sending when you read your automatic writing afterwards.

Of course, there is the other method of pendulum dowsing where you are not dowsing for just one object but for many options – and this goes for virtually anything. What you need to do is to cut a piece of paper say a page size of paper into smaller squares and list all the items on those squares. Obviously you want to test this on issues, which have multiple choices.

You should steadily hold the pendulum over each of the choices and what you are looking for as the pendulum is traversing the range of choices, very slowly – what you are looking for is the feel of a strong pull of the pendulum downwards over the option it is targeting. It should be noted here that some people have mentioned that just prior to the pendulum zeroing on the option, it becomes relatively very heavy. Remember that if the downward pull is not very marked then you should pass over all the other options and repeat the exercise in order to make sure of what you feel.

So now that you have gone through our introductory study on pendulum dowsing you are ready to ask the pendulum a question, you can do this for yourself or a person that you are working with.Pendulums generally work better for some people than others but the most important thing is to have fun and to always remember that you cannot live your life by following the pendulum.

I would love to hear about your personal experiences with trying to pendulum dowse and let me know. Post your comments on my facebook page. Click on the facebook option and I look forward to hearing from all of you.

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