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The Helping Hand

helping hand - psychic experience I see it as my vocation, as I go through life meeting many people, to spread the word of Spiritualism and its beliefs, to unite all folk under a single universal creative force and also to help guide people within their very own individual cosmic quest. The more I work so closely with divine energy, the more I realise that the contact between ourselves and the Spirit world draws ever closer and in my view it is intended that one day there will not be any barrier between us physical beings and our Spirit friends. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Since I firmly believe in the continuous existence of the human soul, it is just and right that both the physical world and the metaphysical world will eventually merge into a unified state of being.


I believe that the instance I am about to relate to you not only happened when it did, but in actual fact will happen more frequently; we can look forward to this occurring more in the not too distant future. We spiritualists firmly believe that it is an important part of our lives that we commune with divine energy and that we all have the ability to communicate with Spirit. One thing I am sure of is that whatever the reason and in whichever way, our loved ones choose to come back to the Earth plane, and the reason behind this phenomena is one hundred percent: Love.


These days I have been blessed enough that I seem to have quite a heavy schedule full of readings and spirit sessions; my days are very much pre-booked and so the little free time that I have is of course very precious to me. I probably don’t have to tell you that family life and my own interests outside of Mediumship can very often conflict with my work. I sometimes receive phone calls and e-mails at all hours from people who wish to see me immediately as they are having problems that they need help with, or they may be having Spiritual or psychic experiences that they cannot understand.

As a spiritualist, I am committed to understanding the needs of those around me, especially when they specifically ask for my help and it is important to my vocation that I am available to give it. For that reason, I do make some effort to comply with the wishes of these petitioners whenever I can. As you can imagine, the impact this has on my personal life is not insubstantial and, like everyone, I have to work hard to maintain the equilibrium in my home life. But, like I say, I am led by my desire to use the gifts that have been given to me by whatever divine energy watches over us in order to improve the lives of those around me.


In that vein, it was only recently when a young woman called Susan spoke to me on the phone. She sounded quite breathless as if she’d received a shock and she seemed desperate when she said that she just had to see me as soon as I could arrange it. Briefly, she explained that she had a problem that she needed to talk to me about; it was weighing heavily on her mind, dominating her waking moments and causing her some sleeplessness. I must say that I did feel very drawn to the woman, on a psychic level, and it saddened me to think that she should be suffering so. I agreed that she could come to see me the next day.


The day that followed was grey and drizzly, a portentous morning! When I opened the door, there stood Susan; a slim, fashionably dressed woman with dark hair and deeply tanned skin. Still, she looked slightly nervous and you could tell from her eyes that she was quite tired. I ushered her into my front room and invited her to sit down. I told her to tell me in her own time and own words what it was that was bothering her and so she looked down at her hands and slowly breathed in deeply.


She started to talk about her recent holiday in San Antonio, Ibiza with a couple of close girlfriends and how the strangest experience had happened whilst she was there, the impact of which had still not left her. She went on to tell me that more than the nightlife, she loved to sunbathe and that normally she would lie in the sun for hours whenever on holiday, with very little by way of factor protection. On this last holiday, however, something odd and unsettling had occurred.


It was only in the evening, after the first day of sunbathing, that one of her friends noticed that there was a patch of skin on the small of her back that had not gone brown or even red; this confused her as normally on holiday she would tan evenly. They had all giggled about it at first and concluded, as you surely would, that when applying cream on each other’s back, they’d missed a vital bit on her back. Feeling like a tanning disaster had been averted (who wants a big white patch on their back?) they forgot all about it and went out on the town.


However, the puzzle was not done with. Over the next couple of days, despite ensuring that she wasn’t sitting in shadow or patching whatever sun cream she used, the white patch became bigger and more pronounced. At first, her friends joked that it looked like someone had slapped her on her back but it was no longer as funny when it started to take the shape of a palm with five finger-like marks.


Eventually, over the course of the next week, it turned into what was easily recognisable as a lightly coloured hand print in the middle of her otherwise deeply tanned back. She began to worry about skin cancer and her friends, agreeing, no longer found it to be a laughing matter. Susan felt as if she was the butt of a not very funny practical joke but she knew just by looking at the faces of her friends that they were just as unsettled as she was and that no one had done any such thing. I could see she was quite earnest when she concluded that it had freaked her out so much that it had spoiled the rest of her holiday.


Back in the grey of Manchester, the sun of Spain seemed far away but Susan felt now quite certain that it was just as though somebody had been standing there holding a hand over her, shading her from the sunshine, or even, and here she visibly shook slightly, touching her skin. She asked me what it meant; she was desperate to know if I could help her discover who or what had caused it.


At that point she lifted up the back of her sweatshirt to show me what she had been talking about and sure enough there was a large and distinct hand print on the lower half of her back with fingers truly visible to the naked eye. She then sat down so that I could link in to her to try to find out the answers to her questions. I must say that by this time I was extremely intrigued by what I had heard.


As I linked in, I became very aware of a benign spirit watching over Susan and told her so immediately. It was a man who I knew to be her father and I was very quickly aware of the fact that she and her father had loved each other enormously. As I explained what I was experiencing, Susan bowed her head and wiped a tear from her eye. She nodded to show that I was indeed on the right track. Believing, as I do, that energy cannot be destroyed, I explained that her father’s love for her also exists continuously, that it cannot be impeded simply by the death of his physical body. It was then that I was informed that it was her father who had been responsible for the phenomenon of the hand print on Susan’s back.

I then explained to Susan, that Spirits can and do come back to us in many ways and in different forms and usually in a way that is meant to grab your attention. As she took her time explaining to me, Susan and her father used to argue about the pros and cons of excessive sunbathing; he used to tell her that he did not think it was good for her but she would argue back that he was just being over protective. She smiled sadly now as she spoke, obviously remembering some of the heated discussions. This became a sort of issue between them, so I put it to her that this was an obvious way for him to make his presence felt. Again, she nodded her agreement.

As we worked together to interpret what had happened, we came to a common conclusion. We both felt that the contact Susan’s father had made with her had not been intended to frighten her. Instead, we both agreed that his intention had been to let her know that he still loved her; that he was watching over and taking care of her.

With a sigh, and visible relief, Susan began to see that what had at first been a frightening experience was in fact a really wonderful communion with her father and one that she would cherish for the rest of her life. By the end of the session, she decided that she would take it easy with the sun bathing in future!

Susan got in touch more recently to let me know that she had been on holiday since our session and even though she couldn’t resist tanning herself, she didn’t sun-worship quite as much as she used to but more importantly, there was no hand print this time. She felt that her father was still with her, but no longer worried about her health.

You see, once her father’s point had been made, there was no reason to make the same point again. I don’t expect that Susan will have any similar problems in the future.


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