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Spirit Guide Ranji’s Corner

Spirit Guide Ranji’s Corner

On a trip to a spiritual retreat call Stanstead Hall, I had an experience that would lead me to a friendship that would last for many years. Stanstead Hall is the headquarters of the Spiritualists’ National Union – the largest body of affiliated spiritualists in the World. Stanstead Hall contains the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science – a college for the development of psychic skills and mediumistic control. It was bequeathed to the  Spiritualists’ Union by Arthur Findlay, who I believe was a great friend of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the Sherlock Holmes books.

spirit guide ranjiI was encouraged to attend a week’s training on an advanced mediumship course by a Manchester medium, Mavis Patilla, whom I deeply respected. One particular night, acting like school children in a dormitory, my fellow attendees and I held a trance circle in a room led by a lady that said that she was going to channel her Guide, Ranji.

I remember that she sat half inside her wardrobe, then the lights went off and she began to rattle around the wardrobe interior as if she was distressed and I remember that if there was any contact in the meeting its was very short and illegible, but the day after as I wandered in and out of the seminar I began to notice a voice in my head that shared it was the Spirit Guide, Ranji, and that he wanted to work with me in a spiritual way.

He was very respectful, and he has been with me ever since. I do not know what happened to the connection that he had with the lady, as I have never asked.

Some time later I decided to see if I could sit for trance mediumship and was delighted to find out after the sitting that I had conked out and out came the lovely voice of Ranji introducing himself to the sitters.

“Good evening,”

he said in his rather lush voice, he talked about his origins: he shared about his work as a doctor in India, how he visited the sick from village to village often traveling for cheap perched on the top of a train carriage and in fact he joked at the fact that that is how he died, at some point in the 1930s.

Since that day, Ranji has spoken to me daily. He is comically funny and has a direct way with him. He is my friend and has talked through me in trance sittings many times. I take his friendship and I cherish it.

His main function is to act as my healing guide. I can lay my hands on a person and bring great relief through his instruction. I heal so infrequently these days, through pressures of work, but Ranji is patient and knows that our time will come to help heal the world of its many problems.

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