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  • i have tried to register for the im reading with the 40 free credits and i am finding it really hard it says to click on a profile to the right but there is none showing up jade bowers

  • hi still having probs with using chat nonoe of your psychics are shown on the right of the screen where as a week ago was working ok. Vicky

  • Can I please book for a reading Im off work wednesday 27th is this day good for you? any time will do 🙂

  • Hi, how much does it cost for a 1-2-1 reading at your home? How long is the reading for? and do you still tape the reading and if so, does it cost any extra?

  • I have had many great text readings from you but unfortunately am no longer able to access your service. My mob number is the same yet I was asked to give my dob which I did but I stil heard nothing! I’m 40+. Please could you sort this as I really want a question answered.


  • Hi gary not shure if i can call tonight if im home ill call you about 7pm your time regards suzy mallorca x

  • hi gary can you tell me how much the telephone readings are? I had one with you some years ago and it was fantastic,

  • Hello i would love to hear from my dad ?!?! X

  • hi gary it’s Vicky I came to see you on the 31st Oct and I had a one to one reading I want to retrieve my recorded reading plz.thank you. Vicky.

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