Spirit Guide Liam’s Corner

Spirit Guide Liam’s Corner

A cobbler’s son and a likable rogue to those that knew him, Liam was well known for saving a penny if he need not spend it. A life of avarice and womanizing brought him misery in life, and his message to all is clear that there are no pockets in shrouds! He wishes to bring the light into the world in conjunct with 2013 energies.

Liam Is Helping Me

Spirirt Guide LiamLiam is helping me, now, to bring help to those that have none, and will help create the opportunity for the psychic within to take a center stage and progress within his/her fellowmen. While his belly was filled during the great famine, others starved around him – so he has learned that to share is a great thing, and he will help me bring plenty to people. He sees how wrong he was for fostering spiritual divisions, and only looking after himself.

He sees the great riches of the churches and temples contrasted with the sufferings on their doorsteps. He sees the wealth of a few contrasted with the want of many. Liam’s message has strong power and magic in it. He saw the power of the world concentrated in the cold hands of cruel masters, and his message to you, today, is to dream with boldness, to reach beyond your grasp!

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